Because it is often one of the first things people ask about, here I share my experience and perspective on the most common cause and function of nausea while turning. And how to deal with it, how it disappears. (-:

Swirling can be thought of as a cleansing process, like throwing your whole system into the centrifuge: Everything that no longer serves you swirls away from you. This is an individual process, so it is different with everyone. Some respond primarily physically, others emotionally or mentally. You see yourself in the mirror: fears, judgments ed come to the surface. This seems like a very unpleasant experience, but in reality it is a very valuable experience: because you are shining light on unconscious patterns. As you spin, you will learn to adjust to more self-love, attention, strength and whatever else you need to feel better. So a very valuable investment in yourself.

Nausea while swirling I experienced at the beginning, to an extreme degree. From the third time on, it occurred to me. I was afraid of it, and especially experienced a lot of shame, that I would spit on my surroundings. I felt frustrated because it made me slow down, and feel so lifeless and sick. My skin turned gray, my eyes blank, I wasn’t there. I had become fear. All kinds of judgments flew through my head: I wasn’t good enough, and I was disappointed: Surely I should be able to do better!

Why does this happen? Sometimes it does/sometimes it doesn’t? And what’s behind it? Learned in theory* that nausea is a barrier my brain puts up the moment vulnerable feelings come to the surface, wanting attention. But the brain says no way, we’re not starting that, gives a signal to the stomach: turn around! So that it stops whirling and thus stops feeling. The process of cleansing is stopped, and we stay with the old…. exercise happy ! Safe! Thinks the brain.

Or the brain simply gets too much new information, and too little time to process it, then the body actually asks for slowing down. And so, step by step, you make space to integrate the new experiences.

I explored, got terribly nauseous again, fought it, finally made myself run to the bathroom… came back with nausea and continued. What does it want to be felt? I allowed myself to feel frustrated, laugh at it, cry, curse, roar, growl, and sing while whirling. Fuck it! I am allowed to be as I am, with all the trimmings.

That was my liberation.

Fascinated by this research, I felt like an explorer within myself. The freedom I feel then is so immense, it gives me so much energy, I whirl through space like a comet.

So my nausea disappeared, without vomiting. I was able to travel through all kinds of worlds of pleasure and connection while being nourished by an unimaginable power from above and below that came together in my heart.

What was happening? I had let go of my judgments. Expressed my frustrations, anger, sadness … the great not knowing, emptiness, endless it seemed. But it was ok. I allowed myself to be as I am.

Resulting in more self-love, self-confidence, inspiration and experiencing Freedom.

theory* Especially in workshops by Ziya Azazi, I have learned this, and have found it to be true in my own research.